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SEO Auditing Services

We’ve got the answers for why you need an SEO Website Audit and why it is important for the health of your site.

Maximize your ROI with a Comprehensive SEO Website Audit

Organic traffic refers to visitors who have found your business website by entering search terms matching your keywords into their web browsers. You already know that if your site doesn’t come up on the first page of results, it’s unlikely customers will find you, but what you may not realize is there are several other important reasons to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts:

  • According to Google research, more than 60% of traffic comes to your site through organic search
  • High rankings inspire trust and credibility in your business
  • Results from SEO are evergreen, unlike paid campaigns which have an end date or financial limit
  • Strong results give you competitive advantage

With so many factors involved in SEO, you can spend a lot of time and money trying to improve your rankings and still fall short of your goals. A comprehensive SEO website audit will reveal where your time and money are best spent to maximize your ROI.

What Exactly is an SEO Audit and Why do I Need One?

An easy way to think of an SEO audit is to compare it to a complete medical workup. If you were ill and weren’t sure what was wrong, your doctor would run a battery of tests to get to the root of your problem. An SEO audit is a full technical work up on your website to analyze where weak points exist that are holding back your high rankings on search engines. Once the analysis is complete, you will have a “prescription” that you can use to nurse your SEO efforts and improve your rankings.

You might be thinking, “There are free tools everywhere I can use, why do I need an SEO audit?” You are correct, there are free tools but just like an over-the-counter remedy, the free tools are not a comprehensive diagnosis and the solutions offered will be more of a band-aid than an actual fix. You should also know that many of the free tools are often outdated or will provide obscure information with the hope you will hire the “free tool” provider to fix your SEO issues.

With a comprehensive SEO audit we dive deep into all relevant areas of your website and associated content, analyzing each of the following, so you know exactly what needs to be done:

  • Our advanced tools review of your website’s design, structure, and function.
  • Analysis of your site’s essential on page optimization elements including H1 tags, title tags, and ALT Tags.
  • Keyword Analysis – We look at search and query impressions to see how Google sees you. Are your keywords working to attract relevant visitors to your website?
  • Off Page – Incoming link report; We look at your backlink report and their page authority.
  • Duplicate Content – We review your website for duplicate content on internal and external pages. Duplicate content can hurt your page ranking.
  • Competitor Analysis – We’ll look at two of your competitors for comparison of domain and page authority and ranking keywords.
  • Mobile Optimization – We look at mobile speed and user experience, these are critical for Google ranking.
  • Recommended next steps advice for on-page, content strategy and link building.
SEO Audit Process

What’s in the Report

Keyword Analysis

We look at search and query impressions to see how Google sees you. Are your keywords working to attract relevant visitors to your website?  You’ll give us the top 10 keywords, or keyword phrases, you want to rank for, and we’ll provide stats on the difficulty for ranking and your current position.

Competitor Analysis

We capture a snapshot of competitors in the market for comparison of domain and page authority and ranking keywords.

Technical Analysis

Our review looks at robots.txt, indexation of content, sitemaps, response codes, and more. Are search engines finding everything they should find? Are descriptions and title tags following the proper format?

Page-level Analysis

Analysis of your site’s essential on page optimization elements. We look at the backend of your pages to check your title tags, site architecture, URL structure, and more.

Content Analysis

Your content is where your users decide the beneficial value of your product or service. We take a full index of your content to analyze for depth, keyword relevance, shareability, duplications, and organization.

User Experience Analysis

Google and users alike don’t like waiting. We look at ways to decrease your load time and improve your user experience.

Link Analysis

Incoming link report. Where are your backlinks coming from and what is the page authority from those linking sites?

Citation Analysis

We check to see if your information is consistent across all online citations. How well do you show up in business directories? Are your listings correct?

Avoid being penalized for hidden mistakes.

Did you know a simple 404 error can hurt your search engine site ranking?

We find and recommend fixes to keep your website friends with Google.

Starting at $3,500. Schedule a free assessment today, it’s a no obligation call to discuss your SEO goals and needs.

When you Need an SEO Audit for your Website

The information revealed in an SEO website audit is so valuable that we automatically perform them when we bring on a new client so we can develop concrete success strategies. Other times when an audit can be of great benefit include:

  • Before beginning work on a redesign
  • After the launch of a website redesign
  • As a well-being health check-up for your existing site
  • To create solutions for search engine problems

Scheduling a regular audit is just like getting an annual physical for your health. There may not be obvious issues with your SEO efforts, but an audit can reveal weaknesses that may lead to larger concerns if the problems aren’t tackled sooner rather than later. As your main vehicle for driving organic traffic, your website’s health is critical to your search engine placement.

The Sumner Digital Difference

Your Sumner Digital marketing experts believe in giving you maximum value when you request an SEO audit for your business. We don’t just hand over a report listing all of the problems affecting your search engine results so we can overwhelm you and convince you we’re your only solution. What you get is a detailed report identifying your issues, descriptions, so you understand them and actionable solutions. You get a tangible product that you can use to start making improvements immediately, without having to commit to any of our SEO services.

After your SEO Audit

Inbound Marketing FunnelAfter you have had a chance to review your SEO audit report, we’ll touch base with you to see if you have any questions or concerns with the solutions provided. We’ll talk about your implementation strategy, and if you need our help to maximize your efforts, we’ll deduct the full cost of the report from your SEO services contract of six months or more!

SEO is a time-consuming and labor-intensive aspect of your marketing strategy, but it’s one you can’t afford to ignore. Your website is the foundation of all of your inbound marketing efforts, and it’s the catalyst for attracting visitors and turning them into customers. Let’s talk about how our expert SEO services can improve your rankings, so you get the traffic you deserve.

You have questions. We have answers.

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