About Us

Our clients are our partners. Their problems are our problems. If that means dropping everything on a Sunday afternoon to put out a fire, so be it.

Who is Sumner Digital?

On a basic, nuts and bolts level, we are a team that has the expertise to create unique and innovative solutions for your marketing, graphic design, and web development projects. If you look a little closer, you will see that we are people whose passion is your success. We take the time to get to know you, your goals and your vision so that we can turn them into reality.

At Sumner Digital, we understand that presentation is everything. Times may have changed, but you still only get one chance at a first impression. On the same token, even small businesses are a part of globally competitive markets, which makes it even more important that you stand out and create a clear brand. That is exactly where we come in.

We truly believe that we have enjoyed success in our business because of the way we treat each and every client. In our world, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. We know that you have specific needs, and we take the time to sit down, listen and learn about your goals, ask the right questions and develop a custom plan to accomplish your unique objectives. In essence, when you hire Sumner Digital, we become an extension of your team. Whether you want to convey a more formal and conservative image, or you are ready to go rogue and jump way out of the box, we will cater to your goals and mold a design strategy to fit your business.

At Sumner Digital, we have made the deliberate decision to remain small. There have been many opportunities to expand over the years, but we take pride in the fact that we can offer the experience, expertise, and scope of a big agency with the approachability of a small business. Our size allows us to thoroughly get to know each client and establish professional relationships that just aren’t possible with big agencies. We think that everyone involved benefits from this setup.

Working with us

Wondering if we’re a good fit for your business?

When you partner with us, you will get the benefit of a variety of inbound marketing and graphic design solutions including brand development, websites, business stationery, promotional materials, packaging, and advertising.

Meet our Leadership Team

Jeane Sumner

Jeane Sumner

Marketing & Design Strategist / Co-Founder

Jeane is hands-on with every project. She combines her graphic design and marketing talents together to create award-winning solutions that continue to impress our clients and help them grow their businesses. Her career has taken her from working on projects for edgy startup companies all the way to Fortune 500 companies like Eli Lilly, H&R Block, and Universal Studios. As a master communicator, she is able to make sure that every client feels comfortable with and understands the inbound marketing process. She is just one reason why Sumner Digital is able to create strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner

Facebook™ Ad Analyst + Strategist/ Co-Founder

Scott is a technological mastermind and guru. His outside-the-box thinking and ability to solve problems have no limits when it comes to making projects work for our clients. Scott has an uncanny ability to takes a client’s rough concept and turn it into a well-polished reality. Over the years, we have tried to figure out how he does it. Our final conclusion? It is magic. Whatever his secret is, we just know that it works. Scott takes his creativity outside the office with his love of photography.

Timely Support

Time is money. We respond quickly and work to meet your deadlines.

Innovative Ideas

Fresh design & ideas help you stand out in a sea of “me too” brands.

Advanced Technology

Call us early adopters! We love trying new things!

Clear Communication

We’re straight shooters from ideas to deadlines.

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