Between all of the noise on the Internet and the fierce competition for business, it’s more important than ever that your marketing efforts target the people most likely to be your ideal customers. With more than three billion people accessing the Internet daily though, it may seem impossible to find a way to narrow your focus. The good news is, the information is readily available and even a little fun to work with when you create one of your most powerful marketing tools: your primary buyer persona.

Get to Know your Ideal Customer

Your primary buyer persona is a character you create that represents the ideal customer for your business. Before you scoff at the concept and think you don’t have time for it, bear in mind that to succeed in marketing, you need to be engaging with the right people and nurture their way through the buyer’s journey. You can’t do this if you don’t know who you’re selling to. Besides, this is one area of developing a marketing strategy that you can have some fun with!

Finding Data on your Primary Buyer Persona

How to determine your primary buyer persona? Look at your data. Some of the best data sources to find the customers who will provide a maximum ROI are found in your web properties such as websites and social media platforms. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Which of your web pages get the most traffic and what keywords were used to find them?
  • Social media posts with the most engagement- what were the topics or keywords?
  • Where are these customers hanging out online when not on your sites?

The more details you can nail down on your primary buyer persona, the more effective you will be at tailoring content for them that will be engaging and drive up your conversions.

Working with Multiple Personas

If different personas are required according to services you offer, develop the personas with as much detail as possible and then compare to see if there’s opportunity for cross-selling on multiple services. If there are areas of intersection, it can save considerable time and money if you appeal to more than one persona at a time.

With all of the time you spend with data and strategies, let yourself have a little bit of fun learning who you are doing all this work to attract. As you gather the required details, you’ll be developing a snapshot of your ideal buyer.