Sometimes it’s not so easy to get warm bodies into classrooms, libraries, field days, or (another) book fair. The Home and School Association at St. Joseph Catholic School are trying something new – a campaign to get parents and guardians more involved. And it’s so simple.


Five hours of your time to the school. If you break that up to the typical August through June school year, that’s 30 minutes a month. Who doesn’t have time for that?

Just Give 5 logo



We were delighted to help them with a logo to kick-off the campaign this summer. It’s simple and clean. We were asked to use the school colors, and the “Just Give 5” campaign name. In thinking about the target audience – parents, and caregivers – we kept the design youthful and played on the spirit of giving.

I’m positive we’ll have good news to share about the success of this campaign in the coming months.