The inbound marketing methodology is comprised of four stages: attract, convert, close and delight. Perhaps because it is last in the inbound strategy, you may not be as focused on delight as you should be and you may be missing a great opportunity to turn your customers into promoters of your business. In fact, once you understand the principle, you will not want to leave it to just the delight stage of the inbound methodology- you will implement it throughout your campaign.

The Delight Stage of the Inbound Methodology Explained

Inbound marketing is customer-centric and when it is done right, you are nurturing your customers throughout their buyer’s journey. Once you have made the sale or met the goal for your campaign, it is vital to continue nurturing the people who have become your customers. When customers are taken care of even after the sale, the returns in loyalty and promotion are invaluable. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • Customers who are properly nurtured through the buyer’s journey become repeat customers who cost you less than attracting new customers.
  • Delighted customers will become your promoters, contributing to your brand’s reputation and sharing your information across their social media platforms.

How to Delight your Customers

The delight stage of the inbound methodology involved remaining in contact with your customers after they have made a purchase. Just as the other stages of your campaign, the delight stage relies on remarkable content that will keep your customers engaged. Some examples of content may include:

  • Surveys that show you are interested in their experience (the data collected will also be useful to you)
  • Newsletters designed specifically for your buyer personas
  • A blog that continues to deliver useful information
  • A thank you email requesting a testimonial

Delighting Customers throughout the Buyer’s Journey

This almost sounds like an oxymoron since your targeted audience is not a customer until the third phase of your inbound strategy. Delighting them at every step means being helpful, engaging and responsive. Be sure you continue to provide remarkable content throughout your campaign that is based on your buyer personas. Gear the tone of your content to appeal to your audience so they feel your business is actually interested in them, not just the goal of making a sale. By the time they convert to being customers, they should be comfortable with making their purchase and feel a sense of loyalty towards your business. This brings you full circle – since they have developed loyalty towards your business, the delight stage of the inbound methodology will make them feel that they still matter.

Turn Bad Reviews into Delight

Reviews are an important component to your online presence because most people consult reviews before shopping. Despite your best efforts, you may get a bad review but if you handle it properly, you can turn this negative experience into a positive for your business by building trust and increasing loyalty.

When you see a negative review, it is essential that you respond to it quickly. Take a deep breath first and read the review carefully. Respond to the complaint with a helpful answer and work with your customer to solve their problem. If you act quickly and with the right solution, this will show potential customers that your business is not just sales-based, but cares about its customers’ experience.