You have created and launched a dynamite inbound marketing strategy, and as you watch your analytics, you see that it’s working. Well, part of is working anyway – you have a lot more traffic than you were generating before the launch. The problem is, you aren’t generating more leads and without leads, your sales won’t improve. To get your increased traffic to become more qualified leads, you have to entice them to click through your call-to-action on your landing pages. Here are three ways to boost conversion rates on CTAs

1. Attract the Eye with Design Elements

The buttons used for your CTAs have to stand out if you want to boost conversion rates and implementing a few design elements can help. Our brains are naturally wired to notice differences in our environment and something that stands out is going to get more attention than anything else on your landing page. The create your CTA button that will attract the eye, consider the following:

  • Choose a color that is a high contrast from the rest of your page. If you’re working with your brand colors, use a color wheel, so you don’t inadvertently choose a color that repels the eye instead.
  • Don’t let your button disappear on the page. Make it large enough to be easily noticed.
  • Place the CTA above the fold so your visitors can see your main goal before they read the whole page.

2. Words are Powerful

Once your button has been revamped to be eye-catching, your wording is the next critical component to boosting conversion rates on CTAs. The key here is to be direct, succinct and use language that inspires action. Your whole landing page is designed to present your offer in a way your audience cannot refuse, but your CTA is what will get them to act. To improve your click rate and boost conversion, put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. With the phrase, “I want to…” in mind, develop an expression that strongly represents the key benefit of pressing that mighty button. State how your offer will improve your potential customers’ lives once they click. For example, if your offer is a guide to improving CTA conversion rates, the phrase would look something like: “I want to improve my conversion rates on CTAs.” Your button should reflect that with powerful wording that inspires the click: “Boost my CTA Conversion Rates Now.”

3. Create a Positive Experience with Consistency

Since you have designed your landing page to present your offer, remaining consistent is necessary for your visitors to have a positive experience. Your headline should capture your audience’s attention and use language that is similar to your CTA, so your message is cohesive. Don’t confuse your audience with multiple options or by using completely different language to state your offer. – tweet this! An example of confusing language would be to create a headline that reads, “3 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates on CTAs” and the button language reads, “Get me Sales Now.” Although getting more sales is the ultimate goal, the message is not consistent and is too vague to inspire action.

Try these three proven methods to boost conversion rates on your CTAs and see how they improve your lead generation. Test different language and colors to see what combinations work best for your target audience.