Sometimes, being responsible for marketing can seem like a thankless job; particularly when you’re competing with a sales team for accolades. While you have your brain mired in metrics because you measure and test every component of your marketing campaigns, very few of these statistics relate directly to the bottom line for your company. Want to knock your boss’ socks off and put the salespeople in their proper place? Wow them by providing marketing metrics that will make your boss love you!

Your Boss Actually Cares About ROI on your Marketing Efforts

It’s easy to lose sight of the marketing metrics that your boss actually cares about when the ones you have to focus on are so different. While you measure associated costs, your key focus is people and how many are responding to your efforts and becoming qualified leads. These aren’t the numbers that are going to impress the boss. Numbers make bosses happy, there is no doubt, but if you want to look like a rock star, you need to create your report with six marketing metrics that will make your boss sit up and take notice!

Critical Marketing Measures Bosses Love

You know you have done an amazing job on your last big marketing campaign, but now you have to present the proof to your boss. You’ve likely had such meetings in the past and struggled to impress the financial side of your company, including your boss. They don’t care to know the numbers behind how you reached your goals- they want instant gratification in terms of profit and ROI. Don’t let your sales department overshadow your glory, give them a run for their money! Produce the marketing metrics the boss actually cares about and come out looking like the incredible marketer that you are!