Your social media platforms are your podiums from which you will promote your remarkable content that is going to make your inbound marketing strategies a great success. From boosting your SEO to broadening your reach, leveraging your social media platforms will reap great rewards. There’s just one thing- you need people to engage with your profiles and actually see your posts for them to count. Not to worry however, we have some great tips for boosting social media engagement.

Share Great Content and Share it Again to Boost Engagement

No, that wasn’t a mistake. One of the best ways to boost your engagement on social media is to share each of your excellent content pieces several times. Now, that’s not to say you keep repeating posts until you drive people away from the madness, there is an art to it. The following tips will teach you about boosting social media engagement through repeated posting without crossing that fine line and becoming a spammer.

1. It’s all about timing

Not all of your followers will be active on their social media accounts at the same time. Consider your followers’ work schedules and family life when choosing times to share your content. Another consideration that goes with timing might be days of the week that are best to post. You might find posting mid-week and then again on the weekend is how to get the most attention and engagement. The key is to pick a few time slots and optimal days of the week to capture as many of your followers as possible. This is one the most important tips for boosting social media engagement.

2. Put yourself in your followers’ shoes

An excellent way to make sure you don’t cross that fine line between repetition and spam is to consider your own social media feeds. How many times would you be okay with seeing the same post? Is it likely you’d even notice a repetition based on your habits? Also consider if a company you followed used your strategy, would you find it bothersome? Be honest with yourself and you have an excellent gauge for how many times you can share a post without annoying your audience.

3. A little effort goes a long way

Automation software can help you plan smart posts based on the schedule you create. While this is an excellent method, be sure to change up the leaders for your posts, so people who do see it more than once don’t ignore it thinking it’s not important. Sometimes it takes a second look or a particular way of wording your introduction to capture someone’s attention. You might find injecting a little humor gets more action, or you might find that certain words inspire more engagement. Be creative!

4. Put your strategy to the test

As with everything else in inbound marketing, you want to review your numbers and test different times and days to see what works best. This is another area where automation software can be a big help. Note the times and days you got the most engagement, but also pay attention to the types of posts that worked best.