According to Google statistics, 94-percent of people perform local searches from their smartphones, even though 77-percent of those people are searching from work or home where desktop computers are readily at hand. For that reason, they have switched to a “mobile first” methodology for search engine rankings. This means mobile-friendly sites will index higher than sites that are not optimized for mobile users. If that wasn’t reason enough to make the transition, you need to know these four big reasons why responsive design will increase profit for your business. We think you’ll agree that waiting to make the change is holding you back from realizing great returns from your website!

1. A whopping 48-percent of people surveyed by Google feel if a site is not mobile-friendly, the business doesn’t care about them.

With today’s need to create a customer-centric experience, that’s a whole lot of people that are immediately turned off by your business if you do not use responsive web design. Customers researching from smartphones or tablets have to pinch screens and scroll around far too much on sites that are not designed for mobile, and most will abandon the site rather than work so hard to find what they need.

2. Mobile conversions are catching up to desktop.

In a 2016 survey by Monetate, desktop conversions were sitting at 3.11-percent and smartphone, and tablet conversions combined topped 3.5-percent. Those are some shocking statistics if you are designing your campaign landing pages only for desktop users. With responsive design, you offer a great user experience for all devices, increasing conversions that lead to greater profits.

3. More than half of all businesses that have upgraded to responsive design have realized a 62-percent increase in online sales.

Realizing 62-percent greater sales can be a game-changer for any business who relies on online sales. If your business doesn’t operate on online sales, it may surprise you to know that even insurance giant State Farm experienced 52-percent greater conversion rates once they had switched to a mobile-friendly website design. While it’s critical for online retailers to tailor their sites to mobile users, companies who rely on qualified leads to improve their profits are not far behind!

4. Brand awareness has improved by as much as 30-percent due to responsive design.

Brand awareness may not increase profits immediately, but with 30-percent greater recognition like The Aberdeen Group realized by switching to responsive design, you can bet those new potential customers will remember your business name when they start their buyer’s journey. The more widely recognized your brand becomes, the greater the potential for increased profits.

When you consider that a site without responsive design will all but disappear from search engine results and review the stats provided above, your business can’t afford not to make the switch. If you start calculating the numbers, a significant amount of potential profit is slipping through your fingers every day! While creating a new site or upgrading your current site to responsive design may seem daunting, the ROI is significant. Can you afford not to make the transition?