After you’ve hit the publish button on a new piece of content and shared your shiny new link across all of your social media platforms, you no doubt check your analytics to see how it affects your traffic. Unfortunately, most of the time once the initial traffic boost has waned, the post falls into oblivion and gets little traffic. Enter evergreen content– a powerful tool that stands the test of time and delivers more traffic, better search engine rankings and most importantly, more leads than your standard blog posts.

Why Evergreen Content is so Powerful

Evergreen content differs from standard posts and articles because it’s material that remains relevant over time. A piece that you write today will have the same value five years from now because this type of content isn’t newsworthy or based on something that changes rapidly. The timelessness of this content is powerful for three big reasons:

  • Higher search engine rankings due to relevancy. Because this content is higher quality than standard posts and doesn’t expire, search engines continue indexing it, which results in higher rankings than other content forms.
  • Continually higher traffic. When you create an evergreen piece that gets high search engine rankings, you reap the benefit of steady traffic from people looking for your information. Since your ranking improves, so does your traffic.
  • Constant lead generation. Who doesn’t love leads coming from posts that are months or even years old? With your increased traffic comes more leads!

While evergreen content comes with a greater investment than some of your other pieces, the ROI is much larger and continues to pay you back for years.

Start Creating Evergreen for your Business

Are you already trying to drum up ideas for your evergreen content? To craft pieces that will hold their relevancy, start by reviewing the analytics of previous posts. Which topics got the most attention from your target audience? What pieces brought the most traffic directly from searches? Study content that was published several weeks ago rather than recently as this type of content has evergreen potential.

Once you’ve gone over the analytics, think about your business and its value proposition. Developing content that’s in line with how your business solves problems or improves your target persona’s life will make great use of your keywords and remain relevant for extended periods of time. This is not a time for promotion- this is when you want to shine as an expert on the topic you have chosen.

Finally, once you’ve got a great piece of content, consider enhancing it with other media. You might add an infographic, a short video or at the very least a picture that will captivate your visitors and encourage them to continue to your call-to-action or to read more.

Evergreen content is a powerful tool that delivers many great returns. Harness the power for yourself and enjoy the steady growth!